All our ceramic bowls are handmade.  We use various decorating methods to decorate our bowls making them one of a kind bowls.  Contact us at to place your order.

Round bowls:

Size:  ± 33cm diameter – Price:  R300.00

Size:  ± 28cm diameter – Price:  R240.00

Size:  25cm diameter with 2cm high footring – Price:  R240.00


Size:  22cm diameter with 3cm footring – Price:  R170.00


Size:  27cm diameter – Price:  R150.00

Rectangular bowls:

Size:  31cm x 21cm – Price:  R230.00


Size:  20cm x 11.5cm with 1.5cm feet – Price:  R130.00

 BAB 267a

Utencil holder:

Size:  15cm x 12.5cm x 14cm height – Price:  R210.00


Milk Jugs:

Height:  13cm (± 350ml) – Price:  R130.00



White ware with decals:

Price:  R130.00 per set


Price:  R80.00 per sugarbowl