Bahia Art’s Blog: A road of discovery to handmade handbags…

My first venture down my own Yellow Brick Lane led me into the unmitigated pleasure of colour and clay that had become Bahia Art. The colourful little textile and clay studio had been my sanctuary amidst a quiet world here in Dundee, in the heart of the battlefields.

I am not a battlefields person, and prefer to dabble in the wondrous world of discovering colour and other beautiful things. We hope to furnish you all with a steady look into our corner of handbags, ribbon and clay tiles. We also make ceramic vessels like the one in this picture. My handbags are one of a kind, and perfect for the sassy young lady of today, who would like to stand out from the ordinary.

BAB 107 Michele Hamman Bahia Art Dundee handprinted fabrics natural cotton ribbons ceramics




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