Bahia Art Handbags – the how and where …..

Firstly, its been a long time since our last post…. but we have been inundated with ribbon orders.  We are now printing personalized labels, name tags etc.  If you want a special message for a birthday, wedding or any special handmade goodies contact us with your ideas and we will see if we can put them on our cotton ribbon for you.  With that said, on to our main purpose for this post ….

I am going to take you through the steps of making a Bahia Art handbag.

We start off by buying plain fabrics, either pre-dyed or in their natural state, which is either cream or white.  We then dye them with fibre-reactive dye by hand.  Now there are various methods of doing this.  We can dye the pieces in a dye vat over heat, which is what we do quite often for achieving flat colours.  For the purpose of this post I am going to use the Shibori technique which is very exciting to do.  Hard and tedious work, but exciting.

Bahia Art Michele Hamman Screenprinting handprinted natural cotton ribbon textile designer

After choosing our method we stitch, bind or fold our fabric.  I have decided to stitch mine and gather it all up and then put it in the dye bath and leave it there for a few hours.  It is then rinsed under running water, the stitches are then removed (and half of the wow moment was experienced) and then washed by machine to get rid of all the excess dye.  It is only then that the real WOW moment comes to light.

Michele Hamman handprinted and dyed fabrics Dundee Bahia Art

When completely dry it is back to the drawing board to decide what else to do with the piece of fabric.  Most of the time I silk screen some designs to enhance the overall look of the “handbag-to-be”  I like to make one of a kind bags and keep it exclusive by making only one of each.  Our methods might be the same but colour combinations and pattern combinations are never the same.

Michele Hamman Bahia Art handprinted cotton ribbons dyed fabrics DundeeMichele Hamman Bahia art handprinted and dyed fabric screenprinted tote bag

Our NEW design Tote bags are going to be less formal and a bit to the casual side but still exclusive to our high standard of manipulating the fabric to its full potential to bring you a high quality, very neatly 100% handmade handbag.

We are busy with a new batch of handbags and will post as soon as we are done.

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