About Us

Bahia Art is a small art studio based in Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal. We cater for the individual who likes “different” …. we do not do “Brand names” nor do we do mass production …. but we most certainly do artfully colourful “One of a Kind”.

We silkscreen by hand on 100% Cotton and Cotton/Linen fabric. We do our own designs on fabric. We also hand dye our fabrics  which gives us a wide variety of colour combinations.

Our latest venture are artfully colourful hand painted cotton and bamboo yarn.

Our ceramic ware are handmade, handpainted, one of a kind items. We use various decorative methods to decorate our pieces. Every piece is created by hand and with the intention to be “not so perfect”.

To purchase any of our products please do so via our Online Shop.  To enquire about any of our products or custom orders please do so via e-mail (michele@bahiart.co.za).

Our website remains a work in progress, and will change when we have new products to share with you all.

Please take note that we hold copyright on all designs, single or compiled, published on this website. No design or artwork may be copied without permission.